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All participants - panel convenors, authors, chairs, discussants, organisers, keynotes, plenary speakers, guests, volunteers, committee members, and those without any specific role - MUST register in advance of the event. We will withdraw (from the programme) any content that does not have a registered presenter (also unregistered chairs/discussants) by July 22.

WCEH2024 in Oulu will be a hybrid congress where delegates can choose between in-person (face-to-face/f2f) or virtual (online) participation. All participants - panel convenors, authors, chairs, discussants, organisers, keynotes, plenary speakers, guests, volunteers, committee members and those without any specific role - must register in advance of the event, whether attending in Oulu face-to-face or online.

Registration is an online process. Please pick a category which accords with your level of gross income in euros. At the end of the registration process you can pay by card (preferable) or await the emailed invoice for bank transfer information.

How much are congress fees?

Registration fees for face to face (f2f) participants

High-income f2f (gross income over €50,000): €350
Medium-income f2f (gross income €25,000 to €50,000): €300
Low-income f2f (gross income under €25000): €250

This fee includes:

  • f2f and online access to five days of congress sessions
  • an opening drinks reception, three lunches and seven tea/coffee breaks
  • access to recordings of the keynotes and panels after the congress

The congress social event will be held on Thursday 22 August 2024: it will be a beach party at the Ravintola Nallikari restaurant with a buffet dinner included. (This does not include drinks.) The ticket for this is a charged-for extra, costing €55 to be booked at the time of registration (limited places available).

High-income Day-rate (gross income over €50,000): €150
Medium-income Day-rate (gross income €25,000 to €50,000): €125
Low-income Day-rate (gross income under €25000): €100

The day-rate gives f2f access only to a single day of the congress. For more than one day, select full congress registration. Day-rate attendees will also only have online access for the day of their registration.

Registration fees for online participation

High-income online (gross income over €50,000): €225
Medium-income online (gross income €25,000 to €50,000): €175
Low-income online (gross income under €25,000): €100

The registration fee for virtual participation includes online access to all sessions and access to session recordings after the congress.

Delegates may convert their registration from f2f to online right up to the event; however from 22 July 2024, no refund of the fee differential will be possible, as costs will already have been incurred.

What are you paying for?

The aim of the hybridity is to provide a rich congress experience for all, with access to every panel and plenary. However the labour involved in ensuring full participation for both f2f and virtual delegates is ~36% more than organising a non-hybrid congress. While online participation helps reduce the carbon footprint of the event, we are committing funds towards ethically-sourced carbon offsetting programs to offset travel emissions generated by the face-to-face participation.

WCEH prioritises the attendance of precarious scholars using the high-income registration fees to subsidise the low-income registration fee, and also through funding travel and accommodation of many of those on low/no income.

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee nor organised by the organisers. However, we have secured a number of discounts in Oulu for the congress period, please see the Accommodation page.


Please note that there will be funding to assist with the participation costs of early career researchers and students who are convenors of panels or authors of papers in the conference and who plan to attend in person. The call for funding is now closed.


Registrations cancelled (notifying us by email) before 22 July 2024 will be refunded, less a small amount (€60) to cover administrative and finance costs. Cancellations made after 22 July 2024 will be ineligible for such a refund, due to costs already incurred. Refunds at that point will be discretionary. This also applies to conversions after 22 July 2024 from f2f to online registration.


If you are in need of a visa to travel to Oulu please have a read of the Visa page and fill out this form to request a supporting letter from the congress.

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