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Call for Funding



The Call for Funding is now CLOSED!

ICEHO, the WCEH2024 congress organisers, are offering partial travel support to assist in-person attendance by young scholars in need of assistance.

The rules and criteria for application are straightforward:

  • ALL applications must be submitted via the online form.
  • Applicants should not seek 'double-funding' (i.e. if you already have full funding from another source, you are ineligible). Our aim is to support those who only have partial funding from another source or have no funding at all.
  • Funding will be provided to assist with travel and accommodation costs. Successful applicants will also have their conference registration fees waived.
  • In order to support the greatest number of delegates, only partial funding will be provided to all successful applicants, not full funding.
  • Only those earning €1200 or less net income* per month may apply *(includes research funding/grants and any pay after tax has been deducted).
  • Funding for delegates will be prioritised for those falling into these categories: panel convenors and/ or paper presenters; early career researchers; PhD students; those from low-income countries or in precarious employment.
  • Demonstration of other partial sources of funds by the applicant will not deter the committee from allocating funding support to the applicant, should they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Please keep your 'other information' concise. Details about your paper, how important this conference is to your career, etc. are not helpful. Keep to facts regarding alternate sources of funding, how much funding would be helpful to you etc.
  • If you make a mistake, please do not resubmit, but email info(at)

Deadline for applications: 12 February 2024

We will endeavour to make and communicate decisions by 26 February 2024.

The initial portion of funding will be allocated as a registration fee waiver in our system; any allocation beyond that will be remitted to recipients' bank accounts on receipt of electronic receipts for travel and accommodation costs. Successful applicants must pay their costs up-front and submit receipts in order to be refunded ahead of time or at the conference. (An inability to pay up-front should not discourage you from applying for funds as exceptions can be made in cases where this is not possible.)

Conditions of funding: If a funded delegate is unable to attend the conference, they will be asked to return the full sum, although this might be waived in exceptional circumstances. Receipts are required to receive funding. Applying for the funds implies acceptance of these conditions.

We envisage strong competition for this funding, and it will not be possible to fund all applicants.

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